Everyone knows clownfish, white sharks, manta rays or jellyfish, many marine species living far away from home. Seen in cartoons, movies, an aquarium on vacation or at the beach, these species are much more familiar to us than our local ones living in the streams just around the corner.

In addition to the few fishes of the lake found at your fishmonger, for the most piscivorous ones of us, most freshwater species are very little known by the Swiss.

Sometimes called “Europe’s water tower”, Switzerland is one of the largest reservoirs of water in Europe. It is a huge reservoir of varied and interesting freshwater species. However, it is an invisible world in our daily lives. Aquatis invites you to take a moment of escape to discover this unknown world.


“Aquatis offers you a bubble of air in your everyday life by inviting you to dive into the world of freshwater to meet Manon, Jules, Claire, and their friends, discovering their incredible story.”

The idea is to propose the playful and creative portrait of Aquatis species while raising public awareness of environmental issues.


A name, a unique personality, amazing characteristics, anecdotes, threatening dangers, and humanization of these freshwater species will strengthen the link between visitors and the different specimens.

The whole campaign is based on storytelling in order to arouse curiosity and imagination.

We only protect what we know and feel close to. So let’s learn more about these species in a playful way.


Marie Pichonnaz

Discover Aquatis with this first visit of the Aquarium

Refreshing Aquatis’ image with a new visual identity

Inspired by the rounded details of Aquatis’ architecture on one hand for the typography…

… and freshwater for the fluid, colorful side of his blob.

To protect her babies, Claire has found the ideal cradle: a mussel.

Manon fights for her environment.
Indomitable champion of hide-and-seek-pebbles.

Jules, patented inventor of the plankton detector nose paddle,is facing a new threat.

Meet Manon the apron

…and meet all the others, Claire, Jules, Tanguy and John.

Direct contact with the latest news from the residents of aquatis

An New webdesign and app to meet the species.

Designed to be used at any age with small text, audio-stories, videos and more infos to learn more about the species.

22.03.2020 – World water day

Diving the people of Lausanne out of their daily routine into the world of freshwater.

Aquatis transforms the m2 metro line in Lausanne


Indeed this line is the direct link between beloved Lake Geneva, a central point in the freshwater eco-system in Switzerland, and Aquatis. In order to plunge the people of Lausanne in an underwater world, the metro will be covered with stickers.

Station names will also be changed on this symbolic day by the names of the species of Aquatis. By scanning a Qr-code at each station it will be possible to discover the story of a new specie in the app, either while waiting for the next subway or during the journey.


AQUATIS (Bachelor project)