Art Direction & Graphic Design for Director’s first Album

The Band.

Director is an alternative rock band from Switzerland, they draw their main inspiration from British Indie rock, 70s psychedelic music, sometimes mixing it with a little funk touch. Their eclectic music is their biggest strength and the pleasure of the audience during their electric live shows the best testimony of their quality.

After a first EP released in March 2018 and many shows across Switzerland, they finally released their debut album, Upside Down, in May 2020.

The Album.

Upside Down is a three-act experiment. The album presents the history of the band, starting with raw and energetic rock songs, reminiscent of the band’s origins. With the title Upside Down, the album then transits into a more profound and introspective vibe, deeply inspired by modern psychedelia and 70s rock. The third and last part of Upside Down is colored by funk and soul-inspired songs, closing the album on an explosive note.

For this album, I had the chance to supervise and collaborate with the band on the visual, photographic, and graphic art direction of the album and its support declinations, as well as its communication mainly through social media. I also created some of the singles covers prior to the release of the album. The album cover artwork was created by young graphic designer Laurie Robadey. On my side, I took care of the lyrics booklet for the CD and Vinyl, as well as the band image and photographs.

The visual Concept.

For Director’s brand image, we opted for a darkly colorful aesthetic, mixed with an altered image of reality, where the real world and imagination blend together with a hint of nostalgia, recalling their rock and psychedelic music influences.

We find this aspect of nostalgia through the use of grain and the film aesthetics, but also through techniques such as infrared photography inspired by the work of Richard Mosse, in the picture of the band surrounded by a pink field, which brings this imaginary twist to reality.

Thank you to Director for their trust, you can listen to their music on Spotify or on your favorite music platform.

Upside Down Album Cover – Laurie Robadey

Booklet Graphic Design, Photography, Art Direction, Crowdfunding Video– Marie Pichonnaz

The weeks before the album release, they released 5 singles in a row,

here are two covers I made, one for “Logical Mind”, the other one for “New York City Night”.

We created a video for their Wemakeit’s crowdfunding

Good news, they made it & even beyond!