HUGO, the real Swiss gherkin

Hugo Reitzel campaign


Hugo is the only true Swiss gherkin. 

Listen up, pickle aficionados! We’ve got some big news to share: Hugo Reitzel’s gherkins are the REAL deal – the only authentic Swiss pickles around! That’s right, every crunchy bite comes straight from the gardens of Swiss producers.

In order to increase the brand awareness of Hugo Reitzel throughout the country and especially to inform cucurbit eaters that their gherkins come entirely from Swiss producers, three video spots have been produced.

Based on a comedic situation, a human-sized gherkin, Hugo, is staged in typical Swiss situations. It’s pickle comedy at its finest!

Work produced by Take Off Productions.


Production: Take Off Productions
Client: Hugo Reitzel
Art Direction: Marie Pichonnaz, Matthieu Brulhart
Director: Mathieu Brulhart
Camera: Martin Ureta
Editing: Javier Cabrera
Motion Design: Alexandre Simonin
Photography: Marie Pichonnaz
Production digital manager: Pauline Berchier


Hugo Reitzel