Who am I?

Existential question, right, but I’ll try to lighten you up on that one.

I’m a traveler. I was born in California, raised in Switzerland. I lived in London for a while and traveled across the world.
I draw my inspiration from discovering new cultures, landscapes, people and traveling through Pinterest feed.

I am a junior Art Director.
I create visual worlds using photography, filmmaking, animation, graphic design and social media content.
I learn all of that during my Bachelor in Art Direction at CREA Geneva INSEEC U., my two internships at FRANZ&RENÉ and Jaeger-LeCoultre. Without mentioning countless hours of YouTube tutorials.

I’m a curious mind. I like to experiment both IRL and in my creation.
I’m a traveler. I’m curious. I create.

If you’re a creative traveler too, we should get in touch, because we might get along pretty well! 💁🏼‍♀️

Marie Pichonnaz

Junior Art Director + Photographer

25. Swiss Creative mind