Bellavista Eyewear FW20

Express yourself campaign


Express Yourself with Lakna, Lauriane Sallin, Swissallstyler & Marion La Jones

In this video, we are invited to delve into the artistic worlds of Lauriane Sallin, former Miss Switzerland and artist, Lakna, a pop singer, and the dance duo Swissallstyler & Marion la jones. Each of these talented individuals shares a unique way of expressing themself, offering us a glimpse into their creative process. This video marks the beginning of a series of campaigns centered around the theme of “Express Yourself”.

Work produced by Take Off Productions.


Production: Take Off Productions
Client: Bellavista Eyewear
Art Direction: Marie Pichonnaz & Javier Cabrera
Director: Javier Cabrera
Camera: Martin Ureta & Javier Cabrera
Editing: Javier Cabrera
Photography: Martin Ureta & Marie Pichonnaz
Models & artists: Lakna, Lauriane Sallin, Swissallstyler, Marion La jones
MUA: Joëlle Rohrbach
Casting: Marie Pichonnaz
Production manager: Stéphanie Véliz Humara

A glimpse behind the scenes.

A glimpse behind the scenes.


Bellavista Eyewear