Bellavista Eyewear FW21

Express yourself campaign


Looking for a way to express yourself?
What if a single look could say more about you?

Bellavista Eyewear, a top-notch optician known for its unique and unusual models, has just the solution. 

Partnering with prestigious brands that value ecology, innovation, and design, Bellavista Eyewear’s latest campaign is designed for individuals who want to make a statement with their eyewear. With a bold and colorful collection, this campaign is targeted toward an audience that is not afraid to express itself through its fashion choices.

As a junior art director and photographer at Take Off Productions, I had the opportunity to bring this campaign to life. I dedicated myself to creating a vibrant universe that would showcase the eyewear in the best light, carefully planning the visual aspects of the digital campaign and capturing the perfect shots.

Our playful commercial follows four characters as they prepare for a night out, goofing around and having fun in their hotel room. To create a contrast between the vintage vibe of the hotel and the modern eyewear, we chose the picturesque L’Auberge des 4 vents. With each room having its own unique universe, it was the perfect location for capturing the out-of-the-ordinary moments that make this campaign so special. Plus, who can resist a bathtub that slides outside for a relaxing soak under the stars?

Work produced by Take Off Productions, with its amazing team.


Production: Take Off Productions
Client: Bellavista Eyewear
Art Direction: Marie Pichonnaz & Javier Cabrera
Director: Javier Cabrera
Camera: César Monney
Editing: Javier Cabrera
Photography: Marie Pichonnaz
Florinda Cairoli, Fanny Lebowski, Lukas Quintero, Erwin Cornelus Hermenjat
MUA: Joëlle Rohrbach
Production digital manager: Stephanie Veliz Humara & Pauline Berchier


Bellavista Eyewear