On self-reflection – What do you see the inside?


Delving into the duality of emotions, the project explores the intricate interplay between externally perceived feelings and internally felt authenticity. This journey transcends the surface, unveiling profound layers of emotion and authentic self-expression.

By navigating this nuanced emotional landscape, the project aims to uncover the hidden complexities beneath the visible, offering a deeper understanding of the multifaceted nature of human experience.

The images are arranged to evoke a progression in the depth of emotion. Beginning with intense feelings, a sense of being observed, and the distortion of realities, the narrative then evolves towards an acceptance of these emotions. Ultimately, they contribute to personal growth, offering a holistic view of the human experience, considering the unseen aspects of the soul metaphorically represented through colors.

The incorporation of mirror paper in both the book cover and interior serves as an invitation for readers to delve into self-reflection. The reflective surface encourages an introspective journey, inviting individuals to explore their inner selves.

The incorporation of written elements serves to infuse an authentic touch, akin to entries in a personal journal. The juxtaposition of still life and portraiture introduces a contrasting dynamic to the narrative, delving deeper into the exploration of the duality between your inner and outer self.


Personal project realised during my MA in fashion photography at UAL London College of Fashion, LCF.
Art Direction, Photography, Editing, Graphic Design: Marie Pichonnaz