The Mixologist

Digital & TV campaign for la Halle aux boissons



Unleash Your Inner Mixologist.

It was quite a challenge to create an original TV and digital campaign that positioned Halle aux boissons as THE reference for drinks in Switzerland in terms of range of products and quality of advice; the whole project in just two weeks!

To achieve this, we invented an icon, extravagant and humorous, the Mixologist, who embodies the potential of Halle aux boissons’ offer and advice, inspiring you to become a star mixologist and let your creativity shine.

Our art direction aimed at creating an iconic character with an extravagant style, eye-catching design, and wit that leaves a lasting impression.

With a twist, we revealed that the biggest secret of her success is in fact, the quality of her ingredients and the advice provided by the shop.

This advertising campaign is all about color…

The Mixologist’s clothes, makeup, drinks, and the film set are all vibrantly colored.

…and light: 4 different light sources were needed to create the right mood for certain scenes and everything necessary to control and diffuse all that power!

Our talented actress brought energy, humor, and professionalism to the creation, even braving the cold with the same star energy after a long day of shooting. The result is an attention-grabbing campaign that positions Halle aux boissons as the go-to destination for everything related to in Switzerland. Cheers!


Produced by Take Off Productions
Concept : Javier Cabrera & Marie Pichonnaz
Art Direction, Script & Make-up: Marie Pichonnaz
DOP & Edit : Javier Cabrera
Cameras: César Monney & Fabian Goupil
Comedian: Naomie Margot
Production digital manager: Pauline Berchier
Bar – Jo Bar de quartier


La Halle aux boissons