Sophie De Quay

A rooftop in Shanghai. A night of summer 2014. A group of friends from different backgrounds and cultures. A promise. To continue living, animated by this flame, this desire and this need to make a difference. Each in his own way. Each differently.

Here are some inspirations given to me by the duo Sophie De quay, in order to create their next clip and capture the essence of their summer hit “Roofotop”.

The duo Sophie de Quay chose «Rooftop» as the single of their new album «Y», symbol of a promise kept. « There is a reason, we are all here. We’re young and bold, we do not fear”.



Art Direction, editing, motion design: Marie Pichonnaz
Camera: Duchieudav
Lights: Rémi Von Aw
Extras assistant: Wendy Theytaz
Extras: Aï-Lody Theytaz, Christian Ebel, Léa Noukakis, Carol de Quay, Ludovic Loretan, Mélissa Fratalocchi, Patricia Graziani, Thomas Rohrbasser-Rey, Valentin Henin, Wendy Theytaz, Lilia Cretegny
Products: La cave de Genève, La distillerie Morand
Production: Sophie de Quay Projects


Sophie De Quay