Stay connected

to your safety

Pedestrian Safety campaign – Fribourg’s cantonal Police


Ultra-connected, life disconnected.

Today we live in a world where our right hand has become our smartphone. This ultra-connected lifestyle disconnects us from our environment. To the point of forgetting our caution, our safety, and our reflexes.

To help users take responsibility for their road behavior, the Fribourg Cantonal Police asked us, Take Off Productions, to realize their creative concept.

Through a fully digital campaign, road users are invited to discover a range of dangerous situations.

A dedicated website, a street guerilla, and various types of content were created for the occasion.

The aim of these videos was to confront road users about this dangerous reflex of using their mobile devices.

I had a lot of pleasure taking part in this campaign in its artistic direction and conceptualization with my colleagues.

Work produced by Take Off Productions.


Production: Take Off Productions
Client: Police cantonale fribourgeoise
Art Direction: Marie Pichonnaz, Matthieu Brulhart, Marilou Briner
Director: Javier Cabrera
Camera: Martin Ureta & Oriel Steinmann
Editing: Javier Cabrera
Motion Design: Sylvain Meltz
Graphic Design: Marilou Briner
BTS Photography: Marie Pichonnaz
Production digital manager: Pauline Berchier


Police cantonale fribourg