Flowers & Boots

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Glamourous shells

In this beauty and fashion shoot with Lauriane Sallin. We celebrated the grace of nature, capturing her amidst blossoms in a delicate and empowering ambiance. From soft florals to bold colorful cowboy boots, each image reflects the essence of femininity and individuality.

At the heart of this shoot, we wanted to embrace the essence of natural beauty.
Each image captured the essence of modern femininity—a beautiful fusion of softness and strength, subtlety and statement. The boots became a symbol of empowerment, reflecting the idea that a woman can be bold while staying true to her authentic self and embracing her unique style, a powerful duality.

A captivating collaboration that brings joy to the heart.


Art Direction, Photography & Editing: Marie Pichonnaz
Model: Lauriane Sallin
Boots : Toral